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Kick Start Students for Life

The world students meet after high school is full of opportunity, excitement, and yes, ambiguity. Entrepreneurship education fosters self-reliance and trains students to think and thrive.

Uncharted Learning’s mission is to equip students with the real-world skills they need to say “I get it! I know what I want to do with my life.” We help inspire them to discover their passions, strengthen their capabilities, and create their own futures.

Our programs offer a unique and comprehensive mix of resources for schools to bring entrepreneurship to students.  We offer evergreen, authentic, rigorous curriculum; meaningful professional development, and tools to ignite and involve your community.


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The Student Entrepreneurial Experience

A Progression of Entrepreneurial Skills, Behaviors, & Mindsets

Our ‘Entrepreneurial Stack’ is a collection of student outcomes for all programs - the entrepreneurial content, skills and knowledge, behaviors, and mindsets mapped to grade levels. The freshINCedu and mxINCedu programs lay the foundation for entrepreneurship at the elementary and middle school levels. INCubatoredu and MobileMakersEdu at the high school level to enable a more advanced business start-up experience.

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Students are never too young to develop an entrepreneurial mindset. Entrepreneurship curriculum for elementary school, freshINCedu, is a unit of study that leads students through the process of an actual business start-up in a experiential, collaborative environment.

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Fostering an entrepreneurial spirit and education from concept through commerce.  mxINCedu is a hands-on exploratory of entrepreneurship and cycles of experimentation.

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Authentic student entrepreneurship curriculum for high school. INCubatoredu students use best practices from industry to build, test and pitch real businesses to investors. Learning is supported by community volunteers who serve as coaches and mentors.  ACCELeratoredu can be offered as a second-year course.

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Mobile app coding for high school students. MobileMakersEdu curriculum and teacher training brings relevant, relatable iOS mobile app dev to students.  Students explore the power of coding to bring ideas to life, and build up to eight apps in one course.  MobileMakersStudio can be offered as a follow on, second-year course.  

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Game-Changing Teacher Training

Professional Development is at the Forefront of Our Programs

From robust and ongoing training to an annual PD summit for Uncharted Learning member teachers, the professional development side of our programs is bar-none. See how members’ professional lives have been enriched through their student and classroom experiences and the collaborative community our programs help foster.

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"It's a different kind of education...this class has changed education"

"And if all subjects could incorporate this style, it'd be a game-changer for everybody."

Kat Mena, Barrington High School, Barrington, IL

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They’ve Got Entrepreneurial Spirit -
Yes They Do

How an Entrepreneurial Mindset Can Drive a Bright Future

Encourage confidence, develop skills, and equip students with the mindset that can affect their future. What’s being taught - and not taught - in school today has a lifelong impact on students.

When students direct their own future, something special and even revolutionary happens. See some of the incredible stories featuring young people taking the reins and charting their own course for success.

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