Our Team

Kristina Curtin

Member Development Manager

Master Communicator

Kristina is our point person building strong relationships with schools and communities. She easily earns educators' trust and knows how to make them feel empowered by their choice to work with us. She guides potential members and inspires them to embark on the exciting journey that MobileMakersEdu and INCubatoredu can take them on.

Kristina is well suited to carry our message out into the world. She is outgoing, intuitive and good natured. She also has experience as both an educator and an entrepreneur. At Uncharted Learning, Kristina feels she has found the perfect place to combine her love of business with her desire to inspire students and their teachers.

In the Past

While working as an educator in California, Kristina and her students spent a week with scientists from NASA and its Jet Propulsion Laboratory, integrating technology, education and science into a nature-based outdoor program in the mountains of San Bernardino.

On the Side

Kristina and her daughter are learning American Sign Language and recently adopted a deaf puppy named Fettucini, who they are able to communicate with and train via signing.

Her Advice to Her Younger Self

“You set your own limitations. No one else can determine your inner strength."

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