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Student Entrepreneurs Reflect: ‘Beyond My Business, What I Gained from Entrepreneurship’

We caught up with Tony and Drake on behalf of their business DeoBlock, the very company they founded during their INCubatoredu experience five years ago as student entrepreneurs.

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GritGrant Award winners in 2020

The 2021 'GritGrant' Awards

The McKenzie Family Foundation in partnership with Uncharted Learning is awarding grants to students who demonstrate perseverance and grit in the 2021 GritGrant Awards.

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happy middle school student group

Why Middle School Students Should Experience Career Exploration

Career exploration for middle school through entrepreneurship education supports early self-awareness of skill competencies—and life skill development.

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Discover How Entrepreneurship Education Transforms Students’ Lives Download One District's Transformation eBook

When Learning is Relevant and Meaningful to Students

Education leaders discuss the benefits of entrepreneurship education for students to prepare for the future of work — Deeper learning, community support.

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