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Student Stories, Teacher Testimonials & Entrepreneurship Education in Action

student working on coding an app on his computer

Connecting Students to Industry  - Q&A with a MobileMakersEdu Mentor

How can we expose non-computer-science-focused high school students to tech and coding, and help them build transferable skills along the way? Well, here’s one way...

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Not Your Typical High School Business Class

Entrepreneurship is not your typical high school business class, it's an effective framework for 21st-century skill-building. INCubatoredu for high school

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students engaged around a laptop

Student Entrepreneurship—Elevated Business Courses for Kids

Here’s an elevated approach to business courses for kids in middle school that ignites passions and promotes skill building beyond standard business ed.

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It's Here! MobileMakersEdu Winter Contest 2020/21

The 2020/2021 MobileMakersEdu Student Winter Contest launches today! Student mobile app coders can win cool prizes - take on this challenge!

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Next Level:  Student Entrepreneurship & Growth Mindset

Entrepreneurship encourages a growth mindset and teachers are the key to guiding students on this journey.

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Two students who own Nagen cookies

Teen Businesses - Finding Purpose in Doing 'Good'

Learn the stories of stand-out teen businesses playing a pivotal role in increasing their communities’ “good vibes” in a time of change and uncertainty.

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young boy learning on a laptop

Deeper Learning by Instilling 'Purpose' - Youth Entrepreneurship

Youth entrepreneurship - deeper learning through authentic, purposeful learning leads to skills necessary for today's dynamic workforce.

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Fireside Chat: Building an Entrepreneurial Mindset Across the Curriculum

Fireside chat exploring the entrepreneurial mindset and integrating this mindset across the curriculum for K12 students.

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Real Stories of Young Women and High School Entrepreneurship

Women and Entrepreneurship: Four young women share their personal stories of achievement and growth through INCubatoredu high school entrepreneurship.

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Discover How Entrepreneurship Education Transforms Students’ Lives Download One District's Transformation eBook
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