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Career Readiness & Entrepreneurship — Are We Doing Enough for Our Students?

Prepare students through learning experiences that empower them to learn to adapt and be resilient as they face the world of work.

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Connecting to the Workforce through Youth Entrepreneurial Programs

A strong youth entrepreneurial program provides an authentic, engaging student experience though real-world mentorship and exposure.

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Win Cool Prizes - Enter the MobileMakersEdu Winter Contest 2019/2020

The 2019/2020 MobileMakersEdu Student Winter Contest launches today! Win cool prizes - take on this challenge!

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Connecting Students to Industry  - Q&A with a MobileMakersEdu Mentor

How do we help high school students connect school and these very real career & tech opportunities? How can we expose them to the actual jobs that are out there, and get them both excited and on a path to getting there? Well, here’s one way...

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Next Level:  Student Entrepreneurship & Growth Mindset

Entrepreneurship encourages a growth mindset and teachers are the key to guiding students on this journey.

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What Top Skills Do Students Need to Succeed in the Real World? Q&A with Hagop Soulakian

What are top skills for students to ensure success in high school and beyond? Hagop Soulakian shares experiences with youth entrepreneurs.

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