Lone Star High School @ Frisco ISD

Lone Star High School @ Frisco ISD

Frisco ISD welcomes you to visit the INCubatoredu learning environment at Lone Star High School.

See how the INCubatoredu entrepreneurship course empowers student choice, collaboration and problem-solving. Take a tour and talk with educators, and hear from students enrolled in the program.

"Frisco ISD offers students an incredible array of choices to help prepare each individual for what lies ahead. This future-ready focus can clearly be seen in our INCubatoredu program. Student agency, collaboration and creative thought are all cultivated in our learners through this program. We want learning to be relevant, something that prepares students for what's next. I can think of no better experience to do just that, than INCubatoredu."
Dr. Mike Waldrip - Superintendent, Frisco ISD

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November 14, 2019
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9:30AM - 12:00PM