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National Summit 2020

July 20–23 /
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Uncharted Learning National Summit: Uniting Our Communities

For the first time, Uncharted Learning is bringing together our communities of educators and professionals - INCubatoredu, MobileMakersEdu, and mxINCedu - for one professional development event focused on entrepreneurship, app development, industry connections, and innovative instruction.

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Students as Global Entrepreneurs...Teach Children to Invent Jobs, Not Find Them

Yong Zhao, Professor, Author Speaker

Yong Zhao is a Foundation Distinguished Professor in the School of Education at the University of Kansas.  To succeed in this ever-changing world, students need to be able to think like entrepreneurs: resourceful, flexible, creative, and global. Learn how to cultivate independent thinkers who are willing and able to use their learning differently to create jobs and contribute positively to the globalized society.

2020 Keynote Speaker to be announced Spring 2020

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Examples of session topics include:

  • Teaching Coaches to Teach
  • Pivoting & Iterating Through Different Ideas in a Year
  • Student Enrollment: The Excitement and Challenge of Launching INCubatoredu in Many Schools in One District
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Don’t Subvert Your Introverts: Creating a Class Where Quiet Entrepreneurs Can Thrive

Tom Yorton, Shyne Advisors, LLC

INCubatoredu is a class where 'scrappy C' students can thrive, but how welcoming is it for quiet students, the introverts who comprise 30-50% of our population?  How does the pace and space of your class affect quieter students/ How do course design and classroom vibe play to their preferences?

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