teacher training

Professional development is just as important to us as student impact.

Just as students learn by doing, so do educators and school leaders. Member schools and teachers are offered comprehensive ‘Start up’ training, and all are encouraged to continually iterate and grow with their students.

See the full scope of experiential professional development offered to educators new to INCubatoredu. Download your 'INCubatoredu Start Up Teacher Training Guide' when you complete the form.  

A preview of the handout:

Throughout the hands-on training, teachers experience the same pathway as students: they ideate, develop, and iterate their own product or service startup, which they pitch to professionals. Real entrepreneurs and business experts serve as volunteer coaches and mentors guiding teacher teams through the process.

Uncharted Learning supports professional development year-round through:

  • meeting standards for continuing education
  • providing access to a robust professional learning community
  • communication & ongoing support from the Uncharted Learning member experience team
  • ongoing development opportunities