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About Uncharted Learning

Today’s growing economy craves young professionals with innovative ideas and the skills to make things happen. We saw an opportunity in our own community to teach students the necessary skills to thrive in today’s rapidly-changing world.

We saw the power of partnership between community and school district

At the start, we drew from our own experience as entrepreneurs and we studied business incubators and programs aimed at fostering soft skills in education. We leaned on business leaders to help for support, and worked with school district leaders to bring this to life.  We created curriculum and added professional development to encourage teacher empowerment. We wrote, we sketched, we built, and together, we eventually launched the very first INCubatoredu program at Barrington High School in Barrington, IL in 2013.  Here's where they are today:

 Barrington INCubatoredu Students Share Outcomes

Four students

Within a few short months, neighboring districts & education leaders started to take note

They saw the INCubatoredu program as a potential way to solve problems or fill gaps within their own schools, and reached out.  More than anything, student impact and engagement is what added fuel to our fire and made our mission so crystal clear.  Watching students light up through the INCubatoredu experience, and re-engage in the classroom was the validation we were on the right path.

Can we create a movement? We’re working on it

INCubatoredu is just one program in the Uncharted Learning entrepreneurial suite.  As schools learned about our program, the conversation about students' exposure to entrepreneurship earlier in education became more prevalent.  So, we added elementary and middle school programs that foster the skills, behaviors and mindsets to scaffold the entrepreneurial spirit.  As a not-for-profit, we continue to expand courses offerings and experiential learning in critical areas to build entrepreneurial skills - like coding and 21st-century marketing.   We aim to chart new territory, supporting schools and students every step of the way.

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