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Recognizing Uncharted Learning Educators  

I am enjoying each day of teaching this!  It is the best adventure I have had as a teacher!

~ Michelle S., INCubatoredu Teacher

What does it take to teach an Uncharted Learning program?  A set of skills and content knowledge, but most importantly, a growth mindset.  Uncharted Learning provides support, guidance, and opportunities for member school teachers to develop or build these traits.

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We recognize Teachers who contribute to our professional learning communities.   Since 2014, hundreds of teachers have been recognized as 'Master', 'Leader' and 'Certified'.  


Master Teachers

For educators who exemplify innovation in and education. They mentor teachers, lead learning, and develop new materials.

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Denise Andrews (Mitchell)
Eric Swanson
Union Grove High School
Union Grove School District
Jamarcus Langston
Michael Acheatel

Leader Teachers

For educators who share their learning and their experiences to inspire others.

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Aaron Schneider
Denise Andrews (Mitchell)
Jacqueline Hollowell
Leslie Weil
Smithson Valley High School
Piper High School
Shelley Lindgren
Stacey Banks Houston
University School

Certified Teachers

For educators who model continuous learning and actively participate in the UL professional learning community.

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Amber Reed
Bremen High School
Christine Victori
Jeremy Melton
: INCubatoredu     : MobileMakersEdu    : mxINCedu