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Youth Entrepreneurship

Curriculum Belongs in School

Building The Skills Required For Life’s Unpredictable Journey

Schools and districts are embracing the necessity to prepare students to navigate ambiguity and exert agency over their own learning — the skills needed to succeed in the future economy.

Students must be prepared through acquisition of not just content knowledge, but also the skills and mindset they need to work collaboratively, solve problems they care about, and handle upheaval.

These are the skills and traits at the core of entrepreneurship, and teaching youth entrepreneurship can propel students along their journeys no matter what meets them post-graduation, regardless of interest, job or path.

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Student Entrepreneurship brings Purpose to Learning

Do your students care about what they’re learning? Why does it matter? Because if they care and find purpose in learning, they are engaged and are more deeply connected to the material. Purposeful Learning requires a different kind of curriculum. It demands authentic experiences that enable students to work together to identify and tackle problems, explore ways to add value to their communities and connect with the world of work. Youth entrepreneurship curriculum enables these experiences. 

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Benefits Of Youth Entrepreneurship

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Purposeful Learning + Connections

Social and communication skills
Relationship and civic awareness

Teamwork + Collaboration

Commitment and follow-through Persuasion and consensus-building
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Critical + Creative Thinking

Assessment & Analysis


Global fluency
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Entrepreneurship Education - A Transformative Learning Progression

Successful entrepreneurs embody certain content skills, behaviors and a mindset. We re-imagined these traits as students outcomes and a learning progression. These are the foundation of our youth entrepreneurship programs for elementary, middle and high school students.

Uncharted Learning programs are focused on developing skills around marketing, coding, business and sales. The power and exponential benefit comes from the learned behaviors and entrepreneurial mindset — the fuel to make things happen.

Content Skills and Knowlege

A collection of skills, capabilities, and knowledge that can be employed to create strategies and get things done.


Common actions and habits of successful entrepreneurs.


A set of beliefs and approaches that influence how to tackle problems or to learn.

Learn More:  Programs for Elementary, Middle School & High School

Preparing for the Future of Work

The pace of change means that technical skills alone are never enough. Things are moving too quickly. The employees of the future need to have the ability to not only find the answer, but to think critically to discover the problem, ask the right questions and apply their learning and knowledge—and get things wrong—in order to find solutions.

~ Uncharted Learning co-Founder, Michael Miles, Article in Forbes

Successful youth entrepreneurship education extends beyond tools and technologies and offers an experiential, purposeful learning experience that encourages student agency to pursue a passion, and to build transferable skills.

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