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Student Stories, Teacher Testimonials & Entrepreneurship Education in Action

Two students who own Nagen cookies

Teen Businesses - Finding Purpose in Doing 'Good'

Learn the stories of stand-out teen businesses playing a pivotal role in increasing their communities’ “good vibes” in a time of change and uncertainty.

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Ashley Blackburn - HBDI Whole Brain Thinking

Whole Brain Teaching and Entrepreneurship

Exploring similarities in how entrepreneurs and educators actively utilize all quadrants of their brains - Whole Brain® Thinking assessment, HBDI®.

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young boy learning on a laptop

Deeper Learning by Instilling 'Purpose' - Youth Entrepreneurship

Youth entrepreneurship - deeper learning through authentic, purposeful learning leads to skills necessary for today's dynamic workforce.

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INCubatoredu 2020 National Student Pitch - Finalists

To all the young entrepreneurs who submitted, thank you again for your hard work and innovative ideas. Here are the Finalists:

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National Student Pitch Semi-Finalists announced

INCubatoredu 2020 National Student Pitch - Semi-Finalists

From an impressive group of submissions, here are the semi-finalists for INCubatoredu 2020 National Pitch. Congratulations to these youth entrepreneurs!

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Teaching Entrepreneurship in High School

Teaching entrepreneurship in high school supports student development in creative thinking, collaboration, and other important real-world skills.

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EntreEd Talk Podcast featuring Ashley Blackburn on the Importance of an Entrepreneurial Mindset

EntreEd Talk Podcast invited Ashley Blackburn, Director of Programs at Uncharted Learning to share perspective on the power of an entrepreneurial mindset.

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The Distance Learning Pivot — Teachers & Students Demonstrating an Entrepreneurial Mindset

Through distance learning student entrepreneurs build skills around resilience and adaptability in the face of unprecedented change.

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The Case for Youth Entrepreneurship

Youth entrepreneurship programs can instill a sense of 'purpose' to prep students to navigate an ambiguous future. Read more - report by Evo Popoff.

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Discover How Entrepreneurship Education Transforms Students’ Lives Download One District's Transformation eBook
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