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Student Stories, Teacher Testimonials & Entrepreneurship Education in Action

MobileMakersEdu Winter Contest 2020-2021 WINNERS ANNOUNCED

Check out the creativity! MobileMakersEdu students create their own screencast tutorial that explains a cool feature using Xcode and Swift.

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Connecting High School Entrepreneurship with Higher Education

Connecting entrepreneurship in high school with Higher Education opportunities - Access to college credit and other incentives are ways INCubatoredu can open up opportunities to students.

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High School Entrepreneurship—Failure to Success Stories of Students

Entrepreneurship education teaches high school students to learn from failure in order to adopt a resilient mindset and problem solving skills.

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Entrepreneurial Learning Environments—Middle School Lesson Ideas

Read how middle school entrepreneur project ideas can drive student engagement and an entrepreneurial mindset even as learning environments evolve.

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students developing presentation skills

Success Story: Developing Entrepreneurship Curriculum for Elementary Students — Q&A with Belinda Wells

How to teach entrepreneurship to elementary school students—an informative Q&A with experienced entrepreneurship educator, Belinda Wells.

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Success Story: Grants, Engagement & Support for Entrepreneurship in CTE

Combining Entrepreneurship in Career and Technical Ed in high school - ideas for implementation and CTE (Perkins) grants from educator, Amy Schakat.

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Why is Critical Thinking a Key Component of CCPS Entrepreneurship Programs?

Entrepreneur programs at two middle schools and nine high schools in CCPS, including North Naples Middle School and Immokalee Middle School

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Success Story: Entrepreneurship in High School CTE with Ted Coiné

What is CTE in high school today? Ted Coine shares what student success looks like when combining CTE and entrepreneurship for real-world skill building.

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Student Entrepreneurship—Elevated Business Courses for Kids

Here’s an elevated approach to business courses for kids in middle school that ignites passions and promotes skill building beyond standard business ed.

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Discover How Entrepreneurship Education Transforms Students’ Lives Download One District's Transformation eBook
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