Robust, Relentless, & Rallying:  Everything an Education Community Should Be

These programs are brought to life by the ecosystem it creates:  Schools lean in to innovation, and teachers take a chance on a new way to develop students.  Real connections are made with industry, and your community of volunteers.

Our intention is to foster a sense of support and advocacy students and teachers.  According to Education Week research, many teachers across the U.S. have little to no say in decisions about their professional development. Our goal is to create not only the opportunity to change that, but to create a firestorm of passion and new ownership among educators leading the charge in the classroom. 

Students benefit from the collective power of instruction from teachers, community mentors, coaches, and advisors. We invite participation in the form of districts and administrators saying ‘yes’ to our programs, students actively pursuing experiential classroom experiences, and local business leaders lending expertise and guidance.

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"It's different in the sense that I wanted to be there."

"Usually, I don't like walking into a class. This year, I knew hanging out with these guys and working on this business {GAMETIME LIVE} we all really believe in, and the opportunities that came with it...well, that was something I looked forward to every day."

Wes Mizell, Westlake High School, Austin, Texas

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Success of the programs is driven by volunteers to bring ‘real’ to the classroom. Local businesspeople, entrepreneurial experts, and community champions power up the curriculum to provide real-world experiences and authenticity. Sound difficult to pull off? It’s not. Uncharted Learning provides consultation, tools and resources to make this happen. As our footprint grows, so does our desire to connect more volunteers to our educational cause.

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Just as students learn by doing, so do educators and school leaders. Uncharted Learning member schools and educators are encouraged to continually iterate and improve their programs so students can benefit alongside teachers themselves. See the list of Recognized Teachers at all Uncharted Learning levels: certified teachers, mentors, leaders, and masters.

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