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How Township High School District 214 is Embedding Entrepreneurship

It’s true what they say: A traditional four-year college education isn’t for everyone. But virtually every kid who walks the hallways of Township High School District 214’s six schools will get a job at some point in their lives.

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Rock Island High School graduate earns nationwide entrepreneurial award

Daivari Rogers, a Rock Island High School Class of 2023 graduate, was one of four people nationwide to receive the "McKenzie Foundation & Uncharted Learning 2023 GritGrant award," alongside $2,500 from the foundation. 

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High School Biz Team Awarded $5K For 'Downstairs' Deodorant

BREWSTER, NY — A team from a Brewster High School business class that invented a special deodorant for men has won $5,000 from the National INCubator Student Pitch Competition.

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Daily Herald

Mundelein High seniors ready to pitch Safe Sip at national event

One of Mundelein High School's Incubatoredu program startups, "Safe Sip," recently moved on as a finalist in the INCubatoredu National competition. Safe Sip, a drink-spiking detection product, is one of the top five Incubator startups in the country competing for this national honor. The Safe Sip startup was created by five senior girls at Mundelein High School. 

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The Four Points News

Head-first into the Shark Tank: The INCubatoredu program

Rounding out its fifth year at Vandegrift, the Entrepreneurship/INCubatoredu program has grown to become one of the most popular course requests among students. Taught by teachers Erin Mathis and Erin Lucas, the course allows students to spearhead the creation of their own unique businesses, whilst incorporating vital knowledge of business management and marketing research. 

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Getting Smart

SMU+GSV Mission Summit: On a Mission to Change the World for Good

Next week in Dallas, GSV will convene innovative and forward-thinking minds in education, business, technology and industry for the inaugural SMU+GSV Mission Summit. The three-day conference is packed full of powerful keynotes, networking opportunities and interactive sessions aimed at accelerating ideas that combine purpose and profits and changing the world for good.

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Kempsville High School INCubatoredu Pitch Night

Kempsville High School students in the Entrepreneurship and Business Academy are busy preparing. The INCubatoredu Program’s 5th Annual Pitch Night is Wednesday at 5 p.m. Watch as six teams present their business pitches and plans to a panel of successful judges. With real seed money on the line to fund their businesses, the stakes are high for these sophomores.

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The Voice—Vandegrift Student Newspaper

FEATURE: Head first into the Shark Tank: The INCubatoredu program

“No two days are the same. We’re trying to tackle a different problem every day in class. And it’s not all work. It’s fun too, and it’s something I enjoy,” Senior Christian Long said. “Just being in an environment where other people are pursuing similar goals, but at the same time doing something totally different, I think that’s super powerful.”

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Getting Smart

Inviting Learners into Work That Matters

This spring, we’ve found pockets of excellence in three dozen high school visits...where we’ve spotted evidence of deeper learning (i.e., engagement, critical thinking, excellent public products). It’s been work that matters to the learner and their community– it’s relevant, purposeful, and consequential work.

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Daily Journal Online

FHS INCubatoredu director speaks at chamber luncheon

“I see quite a few people here that maybe are not familiar with what INCubatoredu is and how fortunate the Farmington High School and the school district is to have this,” she said. “I've said this many times, but I'm so proud. Farmington High School is the first school in the state of Missouri to have the program.

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