Student entrepreneurship curriculum that provides true engagement in a learn-by-doing, real-world setting. 

Students learn and apply business start-up practices and concepts to projects they're passionate about.  They build, test, learn, apply - embracing the cycle of experimentation, which is core to entrepreneurship and great training ground for life -- they get comfortable with failing and learning from failure.  Working in teams and being supported by a dynamic mix of teachers, coaches, and mentors, all translates to deeper learning and skill building.  Your students will build a strong base of the following:

  • Content Skills + Knowledge

A collection of skills, capabilities, and knowledge that can be employed to create strategies and get things done

  • Behaviors

Common actions and habits of successful entrepreneurs

  • Mindsets

A set of beliefs and approaches that influence how to tackle problems or to learn.

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Students want more from school

65% of current high school students want more demanding and interesting courses offered to them. 

– Source: National Governors Association

Youth today want to drive their own future

72% of Gen Z high school students want to start a business someday.  They are motivated and willing to work to achieve their dreams.

– Source: Millennial Branding and Insights

How do you prepare students for jobs that don't exist yet?

Fast forward to 2030 and 85% of the jobs that will exist at that time will not have existed prior!  The skills learned in entrepreneurship are useful to students no matter what the job may be.

 Source: Institute for the Future 2017

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"It's really cool to go out and really make a difference"

"All of us are really passionate about the environment, and a world free of plastic pollution. And, to solve a problem just using our own solution and creating a business out of it is really interesting."

Grace Maloney, Academy of Engineering and Technology, Leesburg, VA

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The Uncharted Learning Student Entrepreneurship Pathway

Imagine your students as problem solvers, active learners, and fully engaged in rigorous work that they are driving. We help schools and districts make that a reality by providing a suite of student entrepreneurship courses that can integrate into your curricular offering beginning in elementary through high school. Create a CTE pathway, level up a current course progression, reinvigorate business education, social studies or STEM - it’s flexible. Uncharted Learning’s approach to education empowers students, ignites a new flame for educators, and engages entire communities.

Scaffolding a Student Entrepreneurship Journey


Designed to be a hands-on, engaging entrepreneurial option for a specials rotation or embedded in social studies or STEM program. Best suited for 4th and 5th grades.


Geared to be offered as an experiential semester elective or integrated into an exploratory wheel. Best suited for 6th, 7th or 8th grades.

High School

Suite of courses designed to provide a flexible, focused, rigorous entrepreneurial experience in high school. Create a robust entrepreneurship CTE pathway, or blend with other curricular options as a one-year exploratory or multi-year progression.

Fits many models and scenarios: traditional, entrepreneurial focus, capstone course, CTE

The Uncharted Learning Programs

Courses to support a student entrepreneurship journey

The freshINCedu program provides a way for young students to be exposed to (and empowered by) entrepreneurship. We provide curricular materials and support for teachers to guide their students through the process of creating and launching a business in this project-based unit of study.

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The mxINCedu program empowers students with the tools and mindset to explore what it takes to be an entrepreneur. Middle school students work in teams to identify a problem to solve, create a product concept, pitch the idea, and iterate based on market learnings and the e-commerce selling experience.

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The INCubatoredu + ACCELeratoredu programs engage students in real-world business entrepreneurship education led by teachers, mentors, and coaches from the community.

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The MobileMakersEdu + MobileMakersStudio programs immerse students in app development led by teachers and supported by current, working iOS experts.

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Professional Development is at the Forefront of Our Programs

From robust and ongoing training to an annual PD summit for Uncharted Learning member teachers, the professional development side of our programs is bar-none. See how members’ professional lives have been enriched through their student and classroom experiences and the collaborative community our programs help foster.

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