Entrepreneurship Success Stories

What does success look like today?  Empowered, engaged students who have what it takes to make things happen and create their own futures.  It's about being excited and open to the possibilities.  It's about being equipped with the skills they need to carve their own path—capable, motivated, empathetic and ready for what's next.

“It's a different kind of education...this class has changed education.”

Kat M.,
Barrington High School, Barrington, IL

“It was really awesome taking a class that applied to real life.”

Alex H.,
Fremd High School, Palatine, IL
Alex H.

“You get to work on an idea that you're really passionate about.

Sasha F.,
Roslyn High School, Roslyn Heights, NY
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Sasha F.

“There is so much energy in the classroom that it's contagious.
Students are learning from other students, which is what we as educators strive for.”

Karen Roberts,
INCubatoredu Teacher, Buffalo Grove High School, Buffalo Grove, IL
Karen Roberts

“This whole experience has caused us to think deeper and find different ways of solving problems.”

Jacquelyn M.,
Buffalo Grove High School, Buffalo Grove, IL
Jacquelyn M.

“No one is controlling your destiny besides your own company - which is what really prepares you for the future.”

Connor B.,
Barrington High School, Barrington, IL
Connor B.

"We saw a need in our own community, our own families, and we set out to find a solution."

Blake R.,
Vista Ridge High School, Cedar Park, TX
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Blake R.

“It's different in the sense that I wanted to be there.

Wes M.,
Westlake High School, Austin, TX
Wes M.

“Teaching this course has had a dramatically positive impact on me as a teacher, as well as the students I serve.”

Kurt Wismer,
INCubatoredu Teacher, Horace Mann High School, WI
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Kurt Wismer

“The reason I got up in the morning and was excited to go to school was because of the INCubatoredu class.”

Martin Dimitrov,
Founder of SnapClips, INCubatoredu Alum, Featured on ABC's Shark Tank
Martin Dimitrov

“In my 25 years of being an educator, this has been the most outstanding and rewarding program that I’ve taught. 

Kelly Wilson,
TOSA, Entrepreneurship / CTE, Collier County Public Schools, FL
Kelly Wilson

It's really cool to go out and really make a difference.

Grace M.,
Academy of Engineering and Technology, Leesburg, VA

“This class changed the trajectory of my life.”

Jimmy McDermott,
Prospect High School, Prospect, IL & CTO Transeo
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Jimmy McDermott

“My app, DIALOG, combines everything I need into one app - as a diabetic...to manage my life.”

John D.,
Hersey High School, Arlington Heights, IL
John D.

“I learned to love making mobile apps. I knew that iOS programming could be my avenue for affecting the world.”

Gabby E.,
MobileMakersEdu Bootcamp Student
Gabby E.

“That was easily the coolest thing I’ve ever done.”

Zach B.,
Prospect High School, IL
Zach B.

“The energy and enthusiasm it creates for IT and tech is the greatest success.”

Dan Weidner,
Director of Academic Programs and Pathways, District 214
Dan Weidner

"It's amazing to see how much the kids learn and grow in the course." 

Laura Anderson,
Teacher, Canton High School, Canton, IL
Laura Anderson

“Learning to code has expanded by ability to learn and teach as well – it's exciting.”

Brandon Egnarski,
MobileMakersEdu Teacher, Waukesha West High School
Brandon Egnarski

"For students who may not be the best test-takers, here they can be creative and successful.'

Jessica Babb,
Former Middle School Teacher, Collier County Public Schools, FL

“I love getting to know the students on a different level.  I just love watching them stretch and develop!”

Courtney Douglas,
7/8th Grade Spanish and mxINCedu Teacher, Western Springs, IL
Courtney Douglas

"I love how independent I feel in this class! It’s nice to have fewer restrictions with your mindspace!"

Brianna, 6th grader,
Corkscrew Middle School, Naples, FL
Brianna, 6th grader

“This is the highlight of my day, so different from all the other stuff we do!”

freshINCedu 5th grader
freshINCedu 5th grader

“It was an excellent project-based learning [unit] that helped me teach my students the true meaning of collaboration.”

freshINCedu Teacher,
End of Year Survey Feedback
freshINCedu Teacher

“To me being an entrepreneur is having an open mind to other people’s ideas and thinking outside the box." 

freshINCedu 5th grader
freshINCedu 5th grader

“Being an entrepreneur to me means that I can do whatever I set my mind to.”

freshINCedu 5th grader
freshINCedu 5th grader