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Elementary Entrepreneurship

freshINCedu to Empower Their Passions 

Looking for a fresh unit to engage 4th and 5th graders?  With FreshINCedu, young students are exposed to (and empowered by) entrepreneurship. The program includes curricular materials and support for teachers to guide students through the process of creating and launching a business in this project-based unit of study.

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Student Journey from Creation to Transaction

This program provides a way for young students to be exposed to (and empowered by) entrepreneurship. Students work in teams to develop a product, pitch their idea, and launch their business. The starting point for creation is ‘reduce, reuse, or recycle’ – which tends to inspire discussion and innovation around social good. The unit culminates in a marketplace experience where students sell their products. The classroom teachers collaborate with volunteer business professionals who mentor student teams, provide real-world context, and champion student efforts.

It Starts Here: A Progressive Entrepreneurial Journey

Students are grounded in the entrepreneurial mindset by learning the importance of failure and how to iterate.  The learning unfolds through six distinct phases of 'doing' — all supported by comprehensive curriculum, activities and hands-on learning.


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Real-World Skills are Built

Create dialogue around each students’ individual strengths, capabilities, and interests as an entrepreneur. How can these qualities be applied towards working collectively as a team to create something? How might these qualities spark future pursuits? Ultimately, foundational, real-world skills are developed:


Growth Mindset





Problem Solver

Problem Solving



Able Communicator

Communication Skills




How Entrepreneurship Can Future-Proof Students

More than ever, tech and innovation are reshaping how we work, live and learn. Real-world skills, or durable skills, are the enduring skills necessary for this generation as they explore, launch and build their careers, regardless of path. 

Entrepreneurship is a framework for teaching and building competency around these skills—skills like leadership, problem-solving, and communication are inherent to the entrepreneurial journey as students work on projects and solve problems they care about. 

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Program Overview + Highlights

Flexible Fit Into Your School Year

This project based learning unit aligns with standards for ELA, Math, and Social Studies frameworks.

Typically implemented over a 6-8 week time period, freshINCedu includes 25 lessons plus a one week sales period. The program, designed to be used by all students, can be flexible to run for one section 45 or 60 min in length or multiple 30 min sections. It can be extended to accommodate other schedules or be run as a summer course. No business teaching experience is required; freshINCedu is designed to train and support teachers of any discipline.  Students leave the class having built and launched a business and product via a real world marketplace. We provide the resources for the marketplace implementation via an online store or an event based pop-up store.  

Program Materials, Tools, & Support

  • Comprehensive digital library of materials and assessments, including lesson plans, project-based assessments, and rubrics
  • Access to a turnkey marketplace experience via an e-commerce website/platform for your students to sell their products, or through an event-based Pop-up marketplace
  • Communication materials to promote your students’ marketplace to the community
  • Volunteer recruitment materials, and specific mentor guidelines and training

See if freshINCedu is Right For Your School

Membership & Pricing Structure


Uncharted Learning is fee-based (by school, not individual student) and comparative to other curricular investments. Each program membership we offer includes a scope of implementation (onboarding) and comprehensive resources including lesson plans, activities, assessments, professional development, and ongoing support.

Curriculum, Training, & Program License

All member schools are provided online access to the program’s curriculum and support materials via a password-protected custom website. Your team is onboarded to ensure successful adoption and implementation and training and support is provided to the core teaching team.

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Elementary School Teacher

“It was an excellent project-based learning [unit] that helped me teach my students the true meaning of collaboration.”

Elementary School Teacher,
freshINCedu End of Year Survey Feedback
Success Stories
5th grader

“To me being an entrepreneur is having an open mind to other people’s ideas and thinking outside the box." 

"Also, as an entrepreneur I believe entrepreneurs should always create products that benefit those in need.”

5th grader,
Success Stories
5th grader

“Being an entrepreneur to me means that I can do whatever I set my mind to.”

5th grader,
Success Stories