Our Team

Christy Scott

Executive Director

Principal Optimist

At Uncharted Learning, Christy balances a plethora of responsibilities with ease and unshakeable composure.  She stands at the helm as team leader, priority setter, obstacle remover and chief problem solver. Having been at Uncharted Learning since its inception, she has acquired a clear and focused vision behind the company’s mission to change the face of entrepreneurial education. It is this foresight, coupled with Christy’s strong strategic mind, that energizes our organization and community of educators.

Christy started out as a coach and subject matter expert for our first INCubatoredu program at Barrington (IL) High School.  Seeing students get passionate about creating their own business inspired her to join Uncharted Learning’s purpose of bringing real entrepreneurship experiences to classrooms across the country.  It is her knack for elevating the conversation and connecting the dots that has become the driving force behind Uncharted Learning’s success.

Looking Back

As a competitive swimmer in college, Christy used her countless hours in the pool to think and reflect. She is definitely a big thinker by nature, which served her well in her brand management days at Kraft and Nestle, and makes her particularly valuable to our organization today.

Every Day

Christy prides herself on being an insatiable learner and optimist. While others stay focused on if something can get done, she figures out how it can get done, and then does it. This is just one reason why she is such a great leader and motivator.

Advice for Budding Entrepreneuers

“There is power in networking. You never know who you will meet or how you can help each other."

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