Our Team

Jerri LaMirand

Texas Regional Specialist

Lone Star All-Star

Behind Jerri's bright and cheerful demeanor lies a fearless educator who is not afraid to dive in and take on new challenges. For over 30 years, she has brought innovative programs into schools to help students succeed in new and exciting ways.

As a regional specialist, Jerri is bringing our INCubatoredu program to life in Texas, supporting local teachers and administrators while engaging the community and creating opportunities for budding entrepreneurs. Jerri really is the perfect person for this role — a true leader, a great collaborator, an effective communicator and a real team player.

A lifelong mission

Jerri has worked for decades to help students be successful now and in the future. Uncharted Learning gives her yet another way to accomplish this goal. "I love how the INCubatoredu program teaches students skills that they will use all of their lives: perseverance, resiliency, collaboration, communication."

Another important role

Of all the things that Jerri strives to do, being a role model for those close to her is high on her list. "My family is very important to me. I am trying to be a role model to my own two children, who are educators, and also to my four grandchildren."

What she'd tell her younger self

"You are in charge of your own path in life. Believe in yourself."

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