Our Team

Karl Fruecht

Co-Founder and Chair of the Advisory Board

Master of Mentoring

Karl mentors and guides our student teams, and actively recruits other business professionals to lend their own time and expertise to our programs. As a successful intrapreneur, Karl has the knowledge and experience to help others identify market opportunities and growth targets with strategy, technology and know-how.

Showing that inspiration can come at any time, Karl and Michael Miles proved that a few years back as they were reflecting on education at a graduation party and were inspired to start Uncharted Learning. Their goal was to shape the future of high school business education with an approach that engaged and empowered students in new ways. Mission (well on its way to being) accomplished.

Looking Back: I’ve been able to have an impact on some cool businesses and amazing projects, along side some good people. 

Looking forward: Let’s get students to create their own similar experiences.

WISDOM FOR BUDDING ENTREPRENEURS: “There are only two types of people in the world: People afraid to try, and people not afraid to be wrong."

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