Our Team

Kelly Van Meter

Program Manager

The Ultimate Advocate

Kelly is known for her tireless efforts in advocating for teachers and students. She takes the time to step into their world and work to understand what they really need to succeed. She has a special passion to connect with students who have different learning styles and abilities.

In her role at Uncharted Learning, Kelly supports the elementary and middle school program educators. In addition, she champions experiential learning in all areas of learning at school, focusing on lifelong skills like collaboration, critical thinking, communication and creativity.

A valuable perspective

After 20+ years in public education, Kelly has a deep understanding of the complexities of the school environment, the challenges faced by teachers and administrators, and the importance of the relationship between families, schools and communities.

A lofty goal

One day, Kelly hopes to put all of her educational experience, knowledge, ideas and insights into a publication that features students and teachers who embody the best in learning and education. She is hoping that her current path will allow her to nurture her skills as a writer.

Her words of wisdom for teachers

"Start with building relationships with your students. The safety net these relationships provide will help students engage with their learning, take risks, and be more resilient."

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