Our Team

Laura Boyd Smidt

Regional Specialist

Jackie of all Trades

Laura does many things for Uncharted Learning and does them all well. She has incredible drive and will "iterate until it's great" if she sees the potential. Never willing to settle, Laura is the first to ask, 'How can we improve that?"

A big believer in listening and learning, Laura actively seeks feedback from INCubatoredu teachers who are "in the trenches." Whenever she can, she spreads the word about the INC program to teachers and administrators who are looking for innovative, student-driven learning opportunities.

Her next chapter

After retiring from teaching, Laura pitched herself to us with the idea of bringing INCubatoredu into a STEM academy space, and of course we said yes!  She loves her new role because it allows her to impact the part of teaching that she believes is most important to students: adopting an entrepreneurial mindset, finding their voice, and developing resilience.

Her big adventure 

Laura is not one to sit still, so it is not surprising that she is planning to walk 500 miles from Spain to France with just a backpack on her back. Traveling is her passion and her attitude is "life is an adventure — take the trip!"

Her advice for budding entrepreneurs

"Don’t just start a business. Begin your journey to make a difference for people, and buckle up for the ride. It will be worth it!"

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