Our Team

Michael Miles

Co-Founder and Executive Chair

Chief Learner by Doing

When it comes to entrepreneurial ventures, Michael has been there, built that. With five successful businesses to his name, he knows what it takes to conceive, launch and grow a start-up business. It's all about learning by doing, which is what brought Michael to ask: what if instead of teaching students about business, we gave them the opportunity to create, develop and launch a real business? And so, with the shared vision of Co-Founder Karl Fruecht, Uncharted Learning was born.

While Michael currently serves as a search fund investor and partner at The Operand Group, as well as a trusted advisor for multiple private-equity-backed enterprises, he still finds the time and energy to work closely with us to keep our programs authentic and relevant. Michael is a true visionary and entrepreneurial thought leader. It's inspiring to have him at the helm.

SUCCESS STORY: Michael co-founded SeatonCorp, which became a leading provider of recruiting and staffing for strategic users of contingent labor. The company operated in over 70 countries and employed over 44,000 people when it was sold to True Blue in 2014.

ON THE SIDE: Michael has a passion for sharing his ideas and experiences as an entrepreneur, so he serves on the boards of numerous businesses and extensively writes and speaks about entrepreneurship.

ADVICE FOR BUDDING ENTREPRENEURS: “Work hard and don't stop figuring out how to improve."

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