Soft Skills are Hard

What measures personal capability, natural interests, and those brilliant “a-ha moments”? What tools in education measure soft skills? For Uncharted Learning, the key areas of focus are mindset, behaviors, and content knowledge. The attributes at the core of entrepreneurship are what will propel students along their journeys no matter what meets them post-graduation. It’s these qualities that make them far more appealing to potential employers than test scores or GPA.

77% of recent high school students say they aren’t as prepared socially and emotionally as they are academically when they leave high school.

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Building The Skills Required For Life’s Unpredictable Journey

Being prepared for a successful life isn't all about a stellar GPA.  SEL, social and emotional learning, is crucial for today’s youth and is increasingly becoming an area of focus for schools. Our programs support those efforts. Being an entrepreneur isn’t contingent upon monetary success or fame - it’s less about the outcome of the endeavor and more about the benefits and skills acquired from the journey, and the learning from failure along the way. Teaching entrepreneurship and teaching it early builds a foundation for success.

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Benefits Of Entrepreneurship Education:

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Instills critical thinking skills

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Teaches failure as a viable outcome

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Promotes social and emotional well-being

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Introduces collaboration as crucial skill

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Fosters confidence and creativity

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Engages, empowers, and encourages

Uncharted Learning’s Entrepreneurial Stack

From our experience in entrepreneurship, successful entrepreneurs embody certain skills, mindsets, and behaviors. These traits happen to be the very same needed to survive in an uncertain, rapidly-changing workplace, marketplace, and economy. We re-imagined these traits as students outcomes - and they are the foundation of our programs. These programs are focused on developing skills around marketing (hipster), coding (hacker), and business and sales (hustler). Entrepreneurial mindsets and behaviors are fuel to make things happen.

Content Skills and Knowlege

Hipster Hacker Hustler

A collection of skills, capabilities, and knowledge that can be employed to create strategies and get things done.


A set of beliefs and approaches that influence how to tackle problems or to learn.


Common actions and habits of successful entrepreneurs.

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Entrepreneurship Goes Beyond Building a Business

No matter where students go after high school, entrepreneurial traits and skills will serve them well beyond the cap and gown. With these Programs, skills are uncovered, nurtured and explored from elementary through high school. These themes carry over into every facet of life and are recurring attributes found valuable no matter the trade, industry, or stage of life.


Social and communication skills
Relationship and social awareness

Teamwork + Collaboration

Commitment and follow-through
Teamwork and autonomy


Time management
The ability to prioritize



Critical + Creative Thinking

Assessment, analysis, and examination


Global fluency
Big picture-minded
Diverse in thinking
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