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Entrepreneurship Education in Action

students winning awards

Entrepreneurial Students — Falling in Love With the Problem

Do you have a big idea for the next big thing?  These entrepreneurial students get that success is not about the idea, it's about finding the right problem

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dominik skorynko

Six Lessons Learned From a High School Student Entrepreneur

Read about Dominik Skorynko's entrepreneurial journey, the skills he gained in INCubatoredu, and key lessons for high school student entrepreneurs.

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2021 'GritGrant' Awards Winner Announcement

The McKenzie Family Foundation in partnership with Uncharted Learning announce the winners of the 2021 GritGrant Awards.

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Student Entrepreneurs Answer Why This Course Matters

In a Q&A with student entrepreneurs & alums of INCubatoredu and Mobilemakersedu, students share the concrete benefits of the courses for future-readiness

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MME winning app

Winner Announcement: MobileMakersEdu 2021 'Pitch Your Own App' Contest

Congratulations to the winners of the MobileMakersEdu 'Pitch Your Own App' Contest 2021. An impressive group of submissions!

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Winner Announcement: INCubatoredu 2021 National Student Pitch

Young entrepreneurs pitched business ideas at the 2021 INCubatoredu National Student Pitch Event. The contest was virtual and two teams were funded!

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My Journey as a High School Entrepreneur

High school entrepreneur, David Gomez, explored entrepreneurship as a means to college admissions, but gained much more. Read his story about INCubatoredu.

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Entrepreneurship Workshop for Educators  Integrate Entrepreneurship into Your Current Classes Learn More

High School Entrepreneurship—Failure to Success Stories of Students

Entrepreneurship education teaches high school students to learn from failure in order to adopt a resilient mindset and problem solving skills.

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Entrepreneurial Learning Environments—Middle School Lesson Ideas

Read how middle school entrepreneur project ideas can drive student engagement and an entrepreneurial mindset even as learning environments evolve.

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