Jalen Ponder, Evendtor Founder—What he gained from INCubatoredu

"The INCubatoredu program has been instrumental in shaping my entrepreneurial journey and changing how I perceive success."

Jalen Ponder, INCubatoredu alum and successful Founder, reflects on the tremendous experience he had with INCubatoredu at Honenegah High School.  "The value it added to my life and business aspirations is immeasurable."

Jalen shares, "It taught me not only what ideas I needed to learn but it taught me how to think." Jalen shares how this approach was a breath of fresh air, shifting his focus from memorizing facts to applying knowledge in practical ways.

What truly sets INCubatoredu apart is the opportunity to work closely with a diverse group of professionals who serve as mentors and coaches, including investors, bankers, and insurance brokers. Being immersed in this dynamic environment shattered the notion for Jalen that success in life was solely dependent on following a predefined path, such as pursuing a degree in chemistry or engineering. These professionals showed him different perspectives, where success could be achieved through creativity, adaptability, and a willingness to take calculated risks.  Their collective wisdom and diverse backgrounds opened Jalen's eyes to possibilities beyond traditional career paths. "They didn't just tell me what I could do; they showed me through their own experiences and success stories."

INCubatoredu instilled in Jalen a new way of thinking, one that embraced innovation and encouraged him to step out of his comfort zone. It taught him to view challenges as opportunities and to approach problem-solving with a growth mindset. This shift in perspective was transformative, and Jalen's entrepreneurial trajectory is boundless!