Leander ISD TX MobileMakersEdu & INCubatoredu

Embarking on a collaborative journey—connecting INCubatoredu entrepreneurship students with MobileMakersEdu mobile app coding students

The story of these four students from two different high schools in Leander ISD in Texas is a testament to the transformative power of peer-to-peer learning. In a MobileMakersEdu class at Cedar Park High School, students learn to code in a classroom that feels unlike a traditional high school setting, designed to emulate an Apple 'dev shop'. This unique environment creates a real-world experience for students that takes them out of the classroom and 'into work'. 

Their story unfolds as they embark on a collaborative journey, connecting with INCubatoredu entrepreneurship students from Vista Ridge High School. These students from different schools shared a common dream of creating something meaningful and impactful. What started as a simple idea blossomed into Traverse, a peer-to-peer rental marketplace designed to connect users within the community, enabling them to rent or lend a wide range of products and items.

The partnership began when the INCubatoredu teacher connected her students with developers from the MobileMakersEdu class in Cedar Park, Texas, who were also part of the Uncharted Learning program. This collaboration proved a significant asset, as it allowed the INCubatoredu students to tap into the expertise of the MobileMakersEdu students, who could help bring their vision to life. The students describe their interactions as professional and highly collaborative, exceeding expectations for high school students.

Working across campuses presented its challenges, mirroring the realities of remote work in today's world. The students adapted to this dynamic, using tools like Zoom for regular meetings and updates. This experience not only honed their technical skills but also prepared them for the realities of the modern workplace, where remote collaboration is increasingly common.

The students' enthusiasm and dedication to their project were evident in their efforts to engage with other business professionals. Both sets of students actively sought out opportunities to collaborate and integrate their ideas into the real world. The partnership between the INCubatoredu students and the MobileMakersEdu student developers was extremely fruitful, as it brought together complementary skill sets and a shared commitment to creating a coherent and effective product.

The partnership between these four students from different schools exemplifies the opportunities for educators to Break Down High School Silos to Support Real-World Learning to prepare students for the challenges and opportunities of the future of work. Their journey is a reminder that with the right guidance from innovative teachers and educational resources, young minds can achieve remarkable feats and make a tangible impact on their communities and beyond.