mxINCedu for Middle School—Student Testimonials—Busy Boards

Three middle school students from Canyon Ridge Middle School provide insights into their enriching experience as participants in the mxINCedu class, where they embarked on a journey to design, create, and market their inventive product, the "Busy Board." Their reflections illustrate the transformative nature of the class, emphasizing teamwork, hands-on learning, creativity, and problem-solving skills.

One of the students underscores the distinctive character of the mxINCedu class. She points out that it stands out due to its focus on teamwork and its ability to pique her interest. She acknowledges the class as a valuable platform for personal growth and highlights the lessons learned regarding teamwork and pursuing her passions for the future. This student's perspective highlights the class's ability to inspire students and encourage them to consider their future paths and goals.

The hands-on nature of the class is another aspect that sets it apart. The students express their excitement about actively creating a product that is unique and not commonly found elsewhere. This hands-on approach allows them to put their creativity and problem-solving skills to the test. They take pride in having the opportunity to design and bring to life a product that is distinctively their own. This hands-on learning experience serves as a dynamic departure from traditional classroom settings, fostering innovation and a sense of accomplishment.

Reflecting on the challenges they encountered, the students identify the initial stages of idea generation as the most daunting aspect of their journey. They confronted the vast array of possibilities for products that could make an impact, which can be overwhelming. However, their approach to idea generation is both thoughtful and practical. They began by introspectively considering their own experiences and struggles within the school environment. This led them to the realization that focus and attention were common challenges faced by middle school students. This insightful identification of a prevalent problem ultimately guided them toward the creation of their product, the "Busy Board."

The "Busy Board" serves as a tangible solution to the widespread issue of maintaining focus in a school setting. It is designed to provide a sensory tool to help students concentrate and stay engaged in their tasks. The students' innovative solution embodies the core principles of entrepreneurship—identifying a problem and creating a practical solution to address it.

In conclusion, the reflections of these middle school students illuminate the transformative impact of the mxINCedu class. They emphasize its uniqueness in fostering teamwork, its hands-on approach to learning, and the creative freedom it offers to young minds. The challenges they encountered during the idea generation process illustrate the real-world problem-solving skills that entrepreneurial education instills in students. Their journey from identifying a common problem faced by their peers to designing a product that can potentially benefit many highlights the power of entrepreneurial thinking. This class not only equips students with essential skills but also ignites their passion for innovation and problem-solving, setting them on a path to embrace their future with confidence and creativity.