mxINCedu for Middle School—Testimonials—Bottle Belt

Valuable lessons along the entrepreneurship journey

Three middle school students from Canyon Ridge Middle School, Leander ISD, share their insightful reflections on their journey in the mxINCedu class, where they embarked on the exciting adventure of designing, creating, and marketing their innovative product, the "Bottle Belt." Their entrepreneurship experiences highlight the valuable lessons learned in the classroom, emphasizing the importance of creativity, problem-solving, collaboration, and seizing opportunities for personal growth.

Their journey began with the challenging task of conceptualizing a product idea. They admitted that this initial step was not without its hurdles, as they explored various ideas before settling on the "Bottle Belt."

Designing the "Bottle Belt" posed its own set of challenges. The students grappled with bringing their vision to life, and their experiences echoed the reality of entrepreneurship, where trial and error, and failure, are often integral parts of the creative process. The students highlighted the importance of a collaborative spirit not only to strengthen their teamwork but also to enrich their final product. 

The students also discussed the exhilarating aspect of entrepreneurship—the freedom to explore and develop their ideas, and found joy in conceptualizing and crafting their products. Their advice to others considering the mxINCedu class echoed their enthusiasm for creative freedom, emphasizing the potential for creating something unique and gaining valuable experiences for the future.