Real Entrepreneurs Answer: 'What is an Entrepreneur?'

What is an Entrepreneur?

The 2023 Uncharted Learning National Summit featured accomplished entrepreneurs as speakers and session leaders, including an INCubatoredu student alumni! Each provided their unique perspectives on the question, "What is an Entrepreneur?" Their insights collectively emphasize the diverse and dynamic nature of entrepreneurship:

  • At its core, entrepreneurship is seen as a form of problem-solving. Entrepreneurs are individuals who possess a distinctive ability to identify challenges or issues in their environment and approach them with a fresh perspective. They view problems as opportunities and are driven to find innovative and effective solutions. 
  • The connection between entrepreneurship and pursuing one's dreams is a prevalent theme among the panelists. Entrepreneurs are driven by their passions, interests, and personal callings. They recognize that their unique vision and aspirations can be the foundation for building a business. 
  • Entrepreneurs are also characterized by their keen ability to recognize opportunities for change and improvement in the world around them. They possess a heightened awareness of areas where change is needed, and they are quick to seize upon these opportunities. 
  • Tenacity is a defining trait of entrepreneurs. They understand that success is not guaranteed, and they are prepared to invest a tremendous amount of effort and hard work to bring their ideas to life. Even in the face of challenges and setbacks, entrepreneurs remain resolute and determined. 

What you might not know about entrepreneurship

One panelist acknowledges that entrepreneurship often involves a journey filled with ups and downs. While success stories are celebrated, it's essential to recognize that not every entrepreneurial endeavor achieves immediate success. The reality is that entrepreneurs face obstacles and setbacks along the way. What sets them apart is their unwavering commitment to their vision and their ability to adapt and learn from their experiences.

The definition of an entrepreneur is expanded further by one panelist, who emphasizes that entrepreneurship is not limited solely to starting a business. Instead, it encompasses a broader mindset focused on taking action to create solutions. Whether or not these actions lead to formal business ventures is debatable. What matters most is the proactive pursuit of solutions to identified problems. This perspective underscores the versatility of the entrepreneurial mindset, which can be applied across various fields and endeavors.

The entrepreneur panelists collectively described entrepreneurs as problem solvers who view challenges as opportunities, individuals who pursue their dreams with passion and dedication, and proactive agents of change in their communities. While the journey of entrepreneurship can be demanding and filled with uncertainties, it is this relentless pursuit of solutions and the entrepreneurial mindset that defines and unites entrepreneurs, regardless of whether their actions lead to formal businesses. Their insights inspire and illuminate the diverse pathways to entrepreneurship.