Teacher Workshop

Entrepreneurship Across the Curriculum

Integrate Entrepreneurship into Existing Courses

In this professional learning workshop series, teachers learn how to integrate real-world entrepreneurship tools and strategies into existing CTE curriculum.

Teachers of any discipline can level up skills around the practice of entrepreneurship, so they can impact students with future-ready skill building.

"No matter where you go, employers want to hire people who are innovative and have an entrepreneurial mindset."

~ Amy Schakat, Coordinator Career-Technical Education at South-Western City School District



Engaging, High-Impact Professional Learning for Educators

Through the Workshop experience, participants will: 

      1. Learn the basics of (and demystify) entrepreneurship
      2. Gain skills, through practice, of an entrepreneur
      3. Learn how to incorporate these practices in existing, non-business courses of your choice
      4. Gain access to a robust toolkit of resources to use with your students

"We've built this workshop to engage and equip.  It's geared for immediate impact on teachers’ approach to instruction to benefit their students."

~ Christy Scott, Executive Director, Uncharted Learning

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Workshop at a Glance

This is immersive, collaborative, ‘stretch-beyond-comfort-zone’ professional learning.  Teachers are learning and practicing entrepreneurial mindset and skills that are required for students’ work-readiness. 

Teachers will be trained in and receive a 'starter pack' of instructional resources and student activities across all dimensions of entrepreneurship.


Explore the Dimensions of Entrepreneurship in Three Sessions

Session 1: Discover & Design

Creativity and Innovation Skills:

Creative Brainstorming

Opportunity Recognition

Design Thinking

Idea Modeling / Business Model Canvas


Session 2: Deliver

Strategic Communication and Planning Skills:

Agile Process





Session 3: Develop

Project Management Skills:

Rapid Prototyping

Stakeholder Engagement & Surveys

Iteration Strategies


Built for Real Impact

'Entrepreneurship Across the Curriculum' Workshop Series is modeled around the same instructional methods as Uncharted Learning Student entrepreneurship programs:

  • Experiential, applied and reflective
  • Inquiry-based
  • Team-based and collaborative

Why this Workshop?

  • Enables the introduction of entrepreneurship without a stand-alone course
  • High impact for Teachers, and translates to skill-building for students
  • Directly applicable:  Teachers receive real-world tools & methodologies for their classrooms
  • Can be customized to address CTE pathways and district dynamics, and focus areas of your district
  • Flexible to meet scheduling requirements of your school or district
  • Access to a dynamic professional learning community


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‘Usually, I leave a training talking about what a waste of time it was, but I loved this! You sparked curiosity, and the urge to solve problems, to experiment, and to communicate. It truly is really impressive!’

~ Teacher, Collier County Schools



Get Your Workshop Overview & Sample Toolkit to Learn More

Entrepreneurship Workshop Series for Educators Get the Workshop Overview & Sample Toolkit

How Students Benefit from Entrepreneurship

Regardless of career path or CTE pathway or area of study, student success after high school can be shaped by their ability to embrace an entrepreneurial mindset, communicate well, be resilient, agile and confident. 

"This training infuses entrepreneurship into existing CTE classes at the high school level, and bridges entrepreneurship experiences between middle school and upper high school grade levels."