Battle Buddies seeks to raise the spirits of pediatric cancer patients

Battle Buddies, Lake Forest, LFHS sohappy
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So Happy Together


Battle Buddies, Lake Forest, LFHS sohappy


Ella Joy Won can’t stop laughing in the video. Eight years old at the time and playing Heads Up!—the game that Ellen DeGeneres plays on her TV show—Ella Joy had heard Lake Forest High School student Jen Leeson blurt “hippo.”

The incorrect answer unleashes Ella Joy’s uncontrollable, highly contagious outburst. Cackling and sitting on a floor at her home in South Elgin, she raises her arms above her head (picture a football referee’s ‘Touchdown’ pose), slaps her knees hard twice, and then clutches her tummy with her hands.

She lurches forward. She returns to an upright position, still laughing.

Pure joy from Ella Joy.

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