Business Leaders Bring Real World to INCubatoredu at Woodstock High School

Woodstock's director of business development working with INCubatoredu students
Woodstock Independent

The premise behind INCubatoredu classes is putting students into real-life business scenarios, and one way to accomplish that is by having real-world business leaders in front of the classroom.

Woodstock High School INCubatoredu students this year are fortunate to have Garrett Anderson, director of Economic Development for the city of Woodstock, and Jackie Speciale, senior manager of finance, purchasing and human resources at Mac Automation Concepts, leading their class each day along with business teacher Dawn Thompson.

Both Anderson and Speciale have been involved with the INCubatoredu classes as mentors and coaches since it began in 2016, but this school year they made a bigger time investment, working with students each school day.

One of their key contributions is their business community connections. Anderson and Speciale bring in leaders with expertise in specific business areas who are able to share their experience with students.

“The best way to teach it is to have guest instructors coming into the classroom who provide a wealth of knowledge and their community background into the process,” Anderson said.

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