INCubatoredu and Miami University's Farmer School of Business Announce New Curriculum Partnership

BARRINGTON, Ill.April 15, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- INCubatoredu, a high school entrepreneurship program, founded by Uncharted Learning NFP, is working with Miami University's Institute for Entrepreneurship at the Farmer School of Business to integrate collegiate-level tools, experiential exercises, and best practices into the 2019-2020 INCubatoredu program. The partnership will provide students with enhanced tools for creative thinking and problem solving to further augment the academically-recognized rigor of the INCubatoredu curriculum.

The INCubatoredu program was launched in 2013. The program offers high school students the opportunity to learn all aspects of business by creating and developing their own authentic business. During the yearlong program, student teams identify a problem to solve, create a business model and test/iterate their results. At year-end, teams pitch their concepts to community business leaders for funding to finance future business development. Throughout the program, students learn critical business and life skills such as adaptability, resilience and teamwork.  INCubatoredu programs are offered in over 120 high schools across the United States and more than 11,000 student entrepreneurs have participated.  INCubatoredu is passionate about the benefits of experiential learning and entrepreneurship in particular.

Likewise, Miami University is committed to the opportunities that entrepreneurship programs provide all students, and the importance of early exposure to foundational business and life skills that better prepare students for further development at the university level.  The Farmer School of Business' Institute for Entrepreneurship competes with the most prestigious entrepreneurial business programs in the country as exemplified by current junior Kat Mena.  Mena was selected as one of 25 top business students to participate in the highly-regarded, immersive experience within the venture capital ecosystem in San Francisco's Silicon Valley.  Mena also happens to be an alumna of the INCubatoredu program.

"The INCubatoredu program allowed me to experience entrepreneurship firsthand by creating our business, CleatGuard, in high school," Mena said. "It also showed me the importance of teamwork and persistence which provided a springboard for me to be successful in college and in life."

Miami University and INCubatoredu celebrate their collaboration and the benefits that their alliance will bring to high school students as they pursue career and life skills. To learn more about the INCubatoredu program visit

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