INCubatoredu Congratulates Lewisville High School Student Entrepreneurship Teams

BARRINGTON, Ill.Feb. 28, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- INCubatoredu, a high school entrepreneurship program, is placing a spotlight on student teams from Lewisville High School in Lewisville, Texas. These teams are demonstrating ingenuity with their business concepts and much noted success in developing soft skills that are so valuable to entrepreneurs such as communication, teamwork and resiliency. Lewisville students are learning about business and life by creating their own authentic businesses.

INCubatoredu's entrepreneurship program charges high school students to work in teams to identify a problem that they encounter in their lives and create a product/service to solve the problem. Mid-year, teams pitch their Minimum Viable Product, (MVP), to a panel of business leaders for feedback.

Three standout teams from Lewisville High School pitched their MVPs recently and were rewarded with valuable feedback and funding to move their business experiments to the next level. One such team developed a student-for-students website, The Point that provides short, teen-focused, news stories that can be customized to the subscriber's interests. "We have really learned how to adapt," Wesley Brewer said. "Originally, we were going to create an app, but the cost and technology requirements were overwhelming, we worked as a team, revised our concept and developed the website."

The second team created a fashionable, heated, weather-resistant poncho to wear to sporting events. They worked on prototypes with the assistance of a fashion-design contact and created The Oackie. "The class has proven how important teamwork is," Abbey Cordova said. "We needed to work together, stay focused and we collectively changed the product to create the best prototype."

The third team developed an app-based service that matches high school students with college students, who provide mentoring. While their business, Step Up, has received positive feedback, the team recognized that safety issues are their biggest challenge to success. "We're focused on identifying all safety risks that could cause Step Up to fail," Camille Parker Mims said. "We want to fail quickly so we can bounce back and succeed faster."

Congratulations to the Lewisville High School INCubatoredu student teams on their MVP pitches and continued success with the development of their concepts.

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