ASCD Empower 19: INCubatoredu Entrepreneurship Students Discuss Learning Through Failure

BARRINGTON, Ill.March 13, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Margarita Geleske, Chief Evangelist of Uncharted Learning, NFP, will lead a panel discussion entitled "How I Learned By Failing" at ASCD Empower 19: The Conference for Every Educator, in Chicago, Illinois, March 16, 2019. Uncharted Learning has developed experiential learning programs, for students at the grade school, middle school and high school level, offered throughout the U.S., Mexico and Japan. As a recognized leader in advancing student entrepreneurship programs, Margarita will be joined by INCubatoredu student alumni Martin Dimitrov, founder of SnapClips. The panel will be rounded out by two current Barrington High School INCubatoredu students and co-founders of PowerPod, Maddie Connors and Thomas Colella.


The panel discussion will focus on how high school entrepreneurship programs are ideally suited to teach students how to "get to failure fast," to identify areas for improvement in their business model, pivot, and move forward with confidence and resilience. Connors, Colella and Dimitrov will share their respective challenges and the benefits gained from their INCubatoredu experiences, and their accomplishments are impressive. Connors and Colella were motivated to create PowerPod, a disposable, biodegradable power source for Android or iPhones, out of a need for an emergency power source when Connors found herself at a large venue concert with no cellphone power, no way to reach friends or family and no train ticket for home. Dimitrov began SnapClips, an innovative device to secure weights, while attending Wheeling High School four years ago. Despite multiple setbacks, SnapClips succeeded, most notably on ABC's Shark Tank, and are being used by athletes all over the world.  Both PowerPod and SnapClips achieved success through perseverance and hard work, hallmarks of the INCubatoredu program.

"When you fail in regular classes, you're failing within a simulation but when you fail within an INCubatoredu class, you're failing within the realm of real life," Connors said. "Being able to recover, using skills that you will need for the rest of your life, has greater impact then forgetting the name of the 18th president."

This panel, session SPR1691, is open to all ASCD Empower 19 program participants March 16, from 4:15-5:15 p.m., McCormick Place, West, 2301 S. Prairie Ave., Chicago, Illinois. In addition, Uncharted Learning will be exhibiting at Booth 1564. For more information on the program, contact

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