Brandon Egnarski

“Learning to code has expanded by ability to learn and teach as well – it's exciting.”

Brandon Egnarski,
MobileMakersEdu Teacher, Waukesha West High School, WI
Success Stories
Kurt Wismer

“Teaching this course has had a dramatically positive impact on me as a teacher, as well as the students I serve.”

Kurt Wismer,
INCubatoredu Teacher, Horace Mann High School, WI
Success Stories
Gabby E.

“I learned to love making mobile apps. I knew that iOS programming could be my avenue for affecting the world.”

Gabby E.,
MobileMakersEdu Bootcamp Student
Gaby, a MobileMakersEdu bootcamp student was invited to WWDC on scholarship - one of 350 out of the 6000+ who submitted. "Apple’s WWDC 17 was one of the best experiences of my life. I made new app-developing friends from the US, Canada, Australia, Switzerland, India, Vietnam, Ireland, and all over the world.  So many opportunities opened up for me."
Success Stories