Middle School Entrepreneurship Curriculum

Looking to give middle schoolers a jump start on identifying passions, and earlier exposure to CTE and career paths?  This program empowers students with the tools and mindset to explore what it takes to be an entrepreneur, which in turn can help shape their future regardless of path.

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Creating a Business Begins with Identifying a Problem

Your middle school students work in teams to identify a problem to solve, create a product concept, pitch the idea, and iterate based on market learnings within the e-commerce selling experience. Local volunteers from the business community mentor and support this real-world learning experience. This program differs from freshINCedu in the tools and lessons provided.  Students take on more complex analysis and evaluation of product ideas. Through this process, students discover interest areas that can drive high school and even career pursuits.

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Phase 1

Discover a problem, need or want
Student drawing on whiteboard

Phase 2

Design a solution
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Phase 3

Pitch a business idea
Group of students with teacher

Phase 4

Create a solution

Phase 5

Sell the solution
Three young students presenting a project

Phase 6

Analyze the learning

“Implementing mxINCedu in our middle schools has been a wonderful opportunity to engage students, teachers, and administrators, family, and community.”


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Skill-Building and Engaging

Through team and project-based learning, students build both entrepreneurship and critical hard and soft skills which provide a firm foundation for high school and beyond.





Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking





Problem Solver

Problem Solver



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“This curriculum met social, emotional, and academic goals. The kids grew in all those ways. ... I also saw them grow academically.   Where else are you going to find that all bundled up into one curriculum that is structured, yet flexible, and it can be incorporated in a multitude of environments?!”

Jessica Babb, Middle School Teacher, Collier County Public Schools, FL

Program Overview + Highlights

Flexible Fit Into Your School Year

This project based program is aligned to the National Consortium of Entrepreneurship standards, Common Core Speaking and Listening, and 21st Century Learning and Innovation Skills standards and typically takes 30-40 total instructional days plus a minimum one week sales period. It offers 31 lessons, and can run as a semester elective, integrated as part of an exploratory wheel, or even as an after-school program.

It is structured to be flexible to accommodate your school’s goals. mxINCedu complements freshINCedu, but students are not required to have taken the program as prerequisite. mxINCedu requires more complex analysis and evaluation in order to help drive business creation and decision making.

Program Materials, Tools, and Support

  • Comprehensive digital library of materials and assessments, including lesson plans, project-based assessments, and rubrics
  • Access to a turnkey marketplace experience via an e-commerce website/platform for your students to sell their products, or through an event-based Pop-up marketplace 
  • Communication materials to promote your students’ marketplace to the community
  • Volunteer recruitment materials, and specific mentor guidelines and training

See if mxINCedu is Right For Your School

Membership & Pricing Structure


Uncharted Learning is fee-based (by school, not individual student) and comparative to other curricular investments. Each program membership we offer includes a scope of implementation (onboarding) and comprehensive resources including lesson plans, activities, assessments, professional development, and ongoing support.

Curriculum, Training, & Program License

All member schools are provided online access to the program’s curriculum and support materials via a password-protected custom website. Your team is onboarded to ensure successful adoption and implementation , and training and support is provided to the core teaching team.

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