Our Team

Michelle Kusel

Member Experience Manager

Educator Development Guru

Michelle is a learner and innovator: by degree and obsession. Her brain is always going whether it be learning something new or asking questions.  She’s obsessed with process improvements and efficiency which is great to have around when you actually want them; however, friends and family that travel with Michelle aren’t thrilled with her over-analysis of airport security lines. 

As an educator herself, she rocks it supporting members of our programs empowering teachers as they begin their entrepreneurial journeys. As the point person between Uncharted Learning and educators, Michelle facilitates seamless two-way communication, enlightening us about what's going on in member classrooms and keeping teachers connected to the methods and materials to best support their students as they navigate the ever-changing entrepreneurship environment.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Michelle calls herself an accidental entrepreneur, but her spirit would say otherwise.  Growing up, her family owned an ice cream store (what could be better for a kid?) and she now owns a greeting card business. Her advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is: always ask, “why not?” but don’t always ask it out loud.

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