Our Team

Peggy Hunt

Program Manager

Coding Crusader

Peggy is the perfect person to manage our MobileMakersEdu and MobileMakersStudio programs. She is incredibly passionate about exposing students to the wonders of coding. She has taught the MME high school course, so she has first-hand knowledge about the teacher's role and the students' experience with this empowering and relatable iOS coding program.

As our mobile coding crusader, Peggy maintains high standards of excellence through quality content and effective curriculum deployment to educators. She works closely with the professional learning team to ensure teachers are supported, and she plays an active role in championing the future direction of the mobile coding programs at Uncharted Learning.

Master of Many

Peggy loves variety in her job and is capable of wearing many hats. She once needed four titles in her email signature: Computer Science Teacher, Technology Support Services Specialist, Assistive Technology Facilitator and Web Master!

Power of Yet

As a proud lifelong learner, Peggy embraces what she calls the power of yet: "Just because I don't know how to do something YET does not mean I will never know how to do it!" Whether it's related to professional skills, like tackling a new coding language, or taking on a new DIY home improvement project, she loves to learn and grow.

Advice for Budding Entrepreneurs

"Give serious consideration to setting out to fail. There is so much more that can be learned from a failed attempt than to succeed from the beginning."

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