MobileMakersEdu 2023-24 Winter Contest – Get Rewarded for Your Coding Skills!

mme-showcaseHere's a unique opportunity for students

In today's dynamic professional landscape, the ability to articulate and share your expertise through screencasts is a game-changer. Whether you're a budding entrepreneur or a coding expert, mastering the art of creating impactful screencast tutorials is a must!

Again this year, we're thrilled to present a challenge tailor-made for our MobileMakersEdu and MobileMakersStudio students. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to craft an awe-inspiring screencast tutorial that unravels the mystery or magic of a feature using Xcode and Swift.

Why do screencasts matter? 🤔

Screencasts are not just about showcasing technical capabilities, they're a powerful tool for virtual networking and sharing knowledge. Imagine the ripple effect of your screencast reaching fellow developers, potential collaborators, or even future employers!

Ready to embark on this journey of creativity and technical finesse? To kick things off, check out this screencast as inspiration: Swift tutorial screencast here.

MobileMakersEdu teachers!  Please encourage your students to take on this challenge!  To learn more, read on!  

Contest Overview

MME-StudentsThis contest challenges MobileMakersEdu/Studios students to dive deep into the Swift universe, researching and developing features not covered in the regular course curriculum. Whether it's enhancing a new app or supercharging an existing one, the spotlight is on innovation!

Why students should take on the challenge! ✔️

  1. Push limits! This contest encourages students to be resourceful, fostering a spirit of grit as they conquer new Swift frontiers independently.
  2. Seize the opportunity to take safe risks! Students can flex their creativity and share their newfound knowledge, creating a ripple effect of learning within the class and the coding community.
  3. Professional Feedback! All submissions are reviewed by seasoned iOS developers currently working in and shaping the industry. This is the chance to receive insights from the pros!


Begins TODAY! Screencasts must be submitted to this Submission Form by January 19th, 2024.


Students can work with up to one partner who is also qualified to participate. Students must create a tutorial screencast where they demo to others how to use a feature not taught in the MobileMakersEdu/Studios course. Students must develop in the Swift programming language. 


Prizes! 🏆💰👍

3rd Place Team

  • MobileMakersEdu T-shirt
  • $15 Amazon Gift Card for each member

2nd Place Team

  • MobileMakersEdu T-shirt
  • $25 Amazon Gift Card for each team member 

1st Place Team

  • MobileMakersEdu T-shirt
  • One hour of mentoring and consulting with a professional software developer for the team
  • $50 Amazon Gift Card for each team member
  • Teacher feature blog post


  • Students enrolled in a MobileMakersEdu/Studios high school course during the 2023-24 school year are eligible to participate.
  • Screencast submissions are due by January 19th, 2024 at 5:00 PM CST to the following form: 
  • All students are required to a link to a screencast video that is seven minutes or less, which covers the following information:
    • Introduce the developer(s), the name of the school, and the name of the teacher
    • State the name of the feature (e.g., UISegmented Controller) 
    • Explain or provide examples of why or when the feature is used in an app
    • Live code! Walkthrough of how to code something in Swift
    • Run the app in the simulator to show what you built
    • Explain why someone else should use this screencast to build the feature on their own
    • Share the video - if possible - Post the screencast on YouTube or Vimeo so that it can be viewed by other people learning how to build apps with Xcode and Swift. Share it with @UnchartedLearning on Twitter, and we'll celebrate your work! *

* By submitting the public link to a video for the contest, students and schools agree to allow MobileMakersEdu and Uncharted Learning, NFP to share it with the world for education and marketing purposes.

A Few Tips

  • Captivate Judges: It's not just about content; your energy keeps viewers hooked.
  • Be Specific: Focus your tutorial within the 7-minute limit.
  • Use Editing Magic: Be energetic, explain, edit out the unnecessary, and stay within the time frame.

Good luck!