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MobileMakersEdu Teachers Recognized for Leadership and Learning

Teaching and app development require leadership skills, so Uncharted Learning provides support, guidance, and opportunities for member school teachers to develop and iterate on their own skills. To encourage teachers to commit to constant growth and to recognize their efforts, we have designed the MobileMakersEdu Teacher Recognition Program.

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Co-Founder Michael Miles on INCubatoredu - Part 1

What’s behind the popularity of INCubatoredu? Co-Founder Michael Miles details how the program is unique and why it’s meeting such a need nationally. Part 1 of 2

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More with Michael Miles on INCubatoredu - Part 2

In part 2 of 2, INCubatoredu co-founder Michael Miles on the many benefits of the groundbreaking program highlighting professional development for teachers.

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Driving Gender Diversity in Computer Science

The lack of girls in high school coding classes has dramatic implications downstream, for college and for the workplace.

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Mobile Makers High School Teacher Profile: Derrick Tiveron

A hight school teacher profile of Derrick Tiveron.

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