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Entrepreneurship Education in Action

Students Benefit, Parents Love It — How Entrepreneurship in High School Engages Parents & Communities

Entrepreneurship in high school supports student skill building, connects a school with the community, and forges connections and goodwill with parents.

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Dominik Skorynko 'What Entrepreneurship Has Taught Me'

Dominik Skorynko's shares firsthand 'what entrepreneurship taught me'—skills he gained in INCubatoredu and from entrepreneurship ed—learn by doing.

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8 Pro Tips for Teen Entrepreneurship (From Teen Entrepreneurs)

The wisdom I gain from teen entrepreneurs about teen entrepreneurship extends into my work, and my life. These students get it, and they have the right skills.

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Three Ways to Embrace Social Media in the Classroom

Three ideas for how students can build proficiency in social media in the classroom to develop a 'professional digital footprint' using LinkedIn.

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Entrepreneurship Education Transforms Lives—Hear from Students
students winning awards

Entrepreneurial Students — Falling in Love With the Problem

Do you have a big idea for the next big thing?  These entrepreneurial students get that success is not about the idea, it's about finding the right problem

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dominik skorynko

Six Lessons Learned From a High School Student Entrepreneur

Read about Dominik Skorynko's entrepreneurial journey, the skills he gained in INCubatoredu, and key lessons for high school student entrepreneurs.

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