Students Benefit, Parents Love It — How Entrepreneurship in High School Engages Parents & Communities

If we asked you to define “community,” what would you describe? Would you talk about people who live in your neighborhood or the local ice cream shop down the street? Yes, communities can consist of coworkers, family members, or folks at your favorite watering hole—but they are also a vital component of student success, just like curricular programming and parent support.

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We know that a successful entrepreneurship class curriculum helps students learn, grow, and build important skills. But outside of strong curriculum and administrative support, successful entrepreneurship education is amplified when educators and parents are committed to igniting students’ love of learning through early and authentic entrepreneurship exposure, real-life skill development, and valuable connections within the community. In other words, it takes a village.


Strengthening the Parent-Student-School Relationship

When students feel safe failing or making mistakes, they’re more likely to take risks and try new things. Unfortunately, the old-school approach to education doesn’t allow much room for error. So how might we re-engage students and parents in the learning process? How can we create stronger bonds among parents, students, and schools… and inspire growth along the way?

For some parents and school districts, high school entrepreneurship, INCubatoredu is the solution.

2019-05-05.Westlake High School. article“What was previously a mostly monochrome experience in my son’s core classes suddenly took on multiple hues, dimensions, and connections,” says Dr. Jeff Arnett, former INCubatoredu parent and Superintendent at Eanes ISD. “School became exciting and purposeful for him, and it all began when INCubatoredu changed the trajectory of his path to learning and life.”

The right high school entrepreneurship program can transform the way students, parents, and educators approach problem solving—thanks to early exposure, skill development, and authentic networking opportunities within their communities.


Early & Authentic Entrepreneurship Exposure

“As a parent, you hope that your children find direction and passion for what they study after high school,” says Christie Mena, parent of two Barrington High School, Illinois, grads. “Our twins’ participation in INCubatoredu delivered that and more.” Now in their twenties— excelling and making an impact in their chosen fields—Christie’s daughters credit much of their success to early entrepreneurship, and they’re not the only Barrington grads to say so.

Rebecca Cummins, the mother of another recent Barrington grad, says, “INCubatoredu provided one of the most informative experiences of my son’s high school education.”

INCUBATOR (21 of 52)More than that, her son’s experience impacted her own outlook of early entrepreneurship education. “As a parent, the most valuable part of the class was seeing Ryan’s confidence, organizational skills, and public speaking ability dramatically improve as the year progressed. INCubatoredu provided a unique and creative experience that was unlike his other classes.”

Whether it’s organization, public speaking, or pitching new business ideas, entrepreneurship gives students an active role in their learning and helps them develop valuable, transferable skills that last a lifetime… regardless of where they end up.


Real-life Skill Development

Unlike other career classes, INCubatoredu encourages failing and failing often. It also encourages collaboration, problem solving, and vulnerability. Remember: Creating an army of future entrepreneurs isn’t the ultimate goal. Rather, it’s about engaging students in the learning process and teaching them how to learn from failure, connect with others, and create their own future.

“Entrepreneurs have the ability to adapt to changes and forecast their own path,” says entrepreneur Phil Guerrero, CFP, Founder and Wealth Advisor at PMG Wealth Management. 

2022.munster.article.3-1These real-life skills are valuable in all industries and occupations, even ones that don’t yet exist. Equipped with a practiced ability to find and solve problems and supported by people invested in their futures, these students are poised to create value and give back to your community in meaningful ways. 

“INCubatoredu students are given access to a different way of thinking that helps them recognize and adapt to whatever the world throws at them. It’s the closest thing to real life,” says Phil. “INCubatoredu was my son’s favorite class and provided the most real-world experience.”

“INCubatoredu students are given access to a different way of thinking that helps them recognize and adapt to whatever the world throws at them. It’s the closest thing to real life. INCubatoredu was my son’s favorite class and provided the most real-world experience.”

~Phil Guerrero, Enterpreneur and INCubatoredu alum parent


Cultivating Valuable Connections


Entrepreneurship education and parent enthusiasm set the foundation, but there’s only so far student businesses can go without outside connections. Just like “real-world” entrepreneurs, INCubatoredu students develop businesses from conception to execution, including business models, developing prototypes, raising funds, and marketing the product or service.  And get support from mentors and volunteers from their communities…

“I frequently share our experience with friends and community members, and I always say the same thing: This class prepares kids for the business world and treats them like the creative young adults they are,” says Dr. Arnett. “Every subject is woven together and comes alive through meaningful, relevant activities with leaders, mentors, coaches, and entrepreneurs from the community.”


A Parent-Proud Way to Enhance Education

Bring high school entrepreneurship curriculum to your school district to benefit students, engage community and enthuse parents. Every student deserves early exposure to entrepreneurial skill building, a safe environment to fail while developing skills, and the opportunity to strengthen the communities they live in through meaningful relationships.

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