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Entrepreneurship Education in Action

More than a Mindset: Uncharted Learning’s Multi-Dimensional Approach to Entrepreneurship

Students benefit from entrepreneurship skills — and it takes more than cultivating an entrepreneurial mindset to truly become entrepreneurial in practice.

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Why Middle School Students Should Experience Career Exploration

Career exploration for middle school through entrepreneurship education supports early self-awareness of skill competencies—and life skill development.

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Success Story: Developing Entrepreneurship Curriculum for Elementary Students — Q&A with Belinda Wells

How to teach entrepreneurship curriculum to elementary school students—an informative Q&A with experienced entrepreneurship educator, Belinda Wells.

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Success Story: Grants, Engagement & Support for Entrepreneurship in CTE

Combining Entrepreneurship in Career and Technical Ed in high school - ideas for implementation and CTE (Perkins) grants from educator, Amy Schakat.

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Next Level:  Entrepreneurship & Growth Mindset for Students

Entrepreneurship encourages a growth mindset for students, and teachers are the key to guiding students on this journey. Here are some ideas.

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Effective Teacher Professional Development Drives Relevant Student Learning

Effective teacher professional development in entrepreneurship brings relevant learning to students for career readiness. Tips from Innovator's Mindset

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Learning Beyond the Lesson Plan

Our entrepreneur lesson plans integrate understanding and essential questions to guide students through an entrepreneurial journey (+ UbD® framework)

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Entrepreneurship Workshop for Educators  Integrate Entrepreneurship into Your Current Classes Learn More
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Deeper Learning by Instilling 'Purpose' - Youth Entrepreneurship

Youth entrepreneurship - deeper learning through authentic, purposeful learning leads to skills necessary for today's dynamic workforce.

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Youth entrepreneurs and teachers explore the curriculum

Student Entrepreneurship Curriculum Roadmap at a Glance

Explore the Uncharted Learning curriculum roadmap to learn more about our approach to engaging, real-world youth entrepreneurship programs.

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