Eighty-five percent of jobs that will exist in 2030 haven’t been invented yet. As technology advances and our world becomes more and more globalized, entrepreneurship skills help students of all ages prepare for jobs that don’t yet exist, teaching them how to develop business ideas, creatively solve complex problems, and artfully navigate ambiguity.

This is a picture of students brainstorming around a laptopEntrepreneurship classes are different from your average business classes. They bring the real world into the classroom and set students up for long-term success. Read on to discover the importance of entrepreneurship, why you should teach entrepreneurship classes at your high school, and what to look for in an entrepreneurship teacher.

High School Business Teacher vs Entrepreneurship Teacher

Teaching entrepreneurship in the classroom goes beyond teaching the standard marketing and accounting skills. The methods and perspectives used in the average business class focus on sustenance and growth for already-established businesses. Entrepreneurship is about learning to develop, test, and launch a business, all while gaining skills around problem solving, iteration, and collaboration.

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Not to mention, established companies want to hire employees with an entrepreneurial mindset because they are go-getters, self-starters, and—perhaps most importantly—entrepreneurs are comfortable navigating through the unknown - working to solve problems and create opportunities.

Bringing the Real World Into the Classroom

In the traditional classroom setting, students are taught not to fail—which is admirable, but not always realistic. In an INCubatoredu classroom, failure is encouraged.

“When you fail in regular classes, you’re failing within a simulation. But when you fail within an INCubatoredu class, you’re failing within the realm of real life,” says a former INCubatoredu student. “Being able to recover, using skills that you will need for the rest of your life has a greater impact than forgetting the name of the 18th president.”

Experiencing and recovering from failure is vastly important in the modern world. At Uncharted Learning, we believe it’s more important to experience exciting, hands-on work than to memorize terms. Rather than refer to notes or study guides, INCubatoredu students retain the information they learn from real-world applications.

“I have it in my head because we learned and used the concepts in the INC program,” says another former INCubatoredu student. “Those concepts are a part of me now, not a part of a textbook.” This anecdote demonstrates the deeper learning that takes place when a student applies concepts to their everyday life, instead of just memorizing and regurgitating them.

The content and skills taught in entrepreneurship classes, such as creating and testing a new business concept, help students gain confidence as they continue exploring their education, as well as possible future career paths.

Another INCubatoredu graduate shares, “If every class could incorporate an element from INCubatoredu, that would be a game-changer for education.”

Key Traits of an Entrepreneurship Teacher

Entrepreneurship teaches students confidence, creativity, and collaboration—and it’s important that the teacher in charge has the same attributes. Entrepreneurship teachers should have a growth mindset and a willingness to explore possible solutions with students, rather than a desire to have all the answers. Ideally, your entrepreneurship teacher will have a background in business education and a willingness to relinquish control.

Today’s Students, Tomorrow’s Leaders

Today’s students are tomorrow’s leaders. The young people of today will support generations of adults as they exit the classroom and enter the real world. Don’t you want them to be as equipped as possible for the unknown

With entrepreneurship classes like INCubatoredu, they will be. From creating, implementing, and updating a business plan, to learning to recover from failure, the skills students gain in entrepreneurship classes will set them apart from the future competition while fostering creativity, collaboration, and confidence at an early age.

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