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Stronger Career Tech Ed Today

It can be hard to prioritize future readiness when students’ current “normal” has changed drastically. CTE learning programs equip students with the skills and knowledge they need to face the world around them. 

What is the new role of CTE in school?

CTE in high school is a career-focused, experiential learning program that allows students to explore careers and gain marketable skills while still in high school. Through hands-on exploration, students develop technical skills, academic skills, and employability skills that are transferable across rapidly changing career sectors. 

CTE classes

CTE classes integrate academics with technical skill development and occupational knowledge to help prepare students for college courses, internships, certifications, and careers. CTE pathways serve a variety of professions and interests—from agricultural sciences and transportation to culinary and information technology. 

Seeking funding options? Now schools can leverage Perkins V grants to support middle school programming and professional development.

Teaching CTE to high school students

CTE can help students develop employable skills of entrepreneurs (motivation, resilience, and confidence) by integrating entrepreneurship education with academic and technical curriculum that introduces financial planning skills, interpersonal, and creative problem solving skills.

While each state has a unique CTE system in terms of governance and policy priorities, entrepreneurship satisfies several implementations within existing career clusters and pathways or as a standalone pathway. 

CTE + Entrepreneurship = Future Readiness

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