Uncharted Learning and Google Bring Student Businesses to Life

Uncharted Learning is now a Startup Program Referral Partner providing students with access to Google Cloud for Startups' tools to grow their businesses.

(CHICAGO, IL) February 19, 2020 - Uncharted Learning, a leading provider of authentic student entrepreneurship programs, is now a Referral Partner for the Google Cloud for Startups Program.  

Thousands of real-world startups have chosen the Google Cloud Platform to build their venture. Now, high school entrepreneurs enrolled in ACCELeratoredu, an Uncharted Learning course, have access to these tools (and more) within the platform:

  • $3,000 worth of Google Cloud Platform credits
  • Free access to G Suite Basic
  • Invitations to regional Google Cloud events
  • Qwiklab credits for hands-on training

Google Cloud for Startups is designed to empower startups to grow and scale using a variety of tools and infrastructure in the Google Cloud. This partnership gives students a connection to a trusted and credible resource, and access to tools and tutorials real entrepreneurs use.  When students have access to the right tools, they are able to drive their own learning.

"Students also have access to Qwiklabs, which offers training in the Google Cloud Platform. These students are going to have a big jump on their peers because they've been studying this in high school already," said Dana Jones, entrepreneurship educator at Vista Ridge High School in Cedar Park, TX. 

"I've completed introductory courses in the foundation of the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). From data processing to app scalability, to just ease of access and maintenance, there are tons of different features built into the GCP. That is definitely really, really useful," said Amir, a senior at Vista Ridge High School and CTO of B-Line Navigation (student business created in Uncharted Learning course).

While the Google Cloud for Startups Partnership provides students with access to tools and technology, some meaningful workplace connections can be made including exposure to new careers and Google employees who volunteer mentor the students.

Bruno Rodrigues at Google said, "Empowering high school students to become entrepreneurs is one of the most wonderful ways I can think of to give back to the community. Not only do we observe students developing highly relevant professional skills, but also getting accepted into some of the best schools in the nation. I feel honored to be able to contribute to this program which has a deeply significant impact on the lives of the students." 

Uncharted Learning, NFP, is charting new territory in entrepreneurship education and empowering students with soft and hard skills needed in today's dynamic career landscape.  To learn more about this student entrepreneurship experience, read more here. 

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