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2018-07-16 INC Summit - Bootcamp 09

Three Traits of Great Teachers

Teachers are at the forefront of our students’ education: refining skills, knowledge, and ideas to help prepare them for success in life. Teachers use research-based instructional strategies and rigorous curricula...there are a few traits that set teachers apart in their field and make them great teachers.

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Students talking together in a group

What Can Competitions, Certifications & Badges Mean for Students?

Developing a growth mindset, practicing entrepreneurial thinking, and maintaining a portfolio of accomplishments and skills is more essential now than ever.

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What students are saying about entrepreneurship through INCubatoredu

What do high school students say about studying entrepreneurship in an INCubatoredu class? Hear the passionate views of two students (Jessy and Swarina).

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2016-08-09 Westlake - Student Team

Tom Leonard, Superintendent, Eanes ISD-Bringing Innovation to Schools

This podcast features a conversation with a Texas school Superintendent exploring how this program can benefit students, school districts, and communities.

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Winter 2018-19 Screencast Contest Winners Announced

Three weeks ago, we ended the window for screencast submissions to the annual MobileMakersEdu Winter Screencast Contest. This year, we had five amazing iOS developer judges who volunteered their time to review submissions from Mobile Makers high school students from across the globe.

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INCubatoredu Teacher Nick Pahl; Empowering students through entrepreneurship

Launching the entrepreneurship, INCubatoredu, at Dundee Crown High School has impacted Nick Pahl’s teaching and student experience in profound ways.

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Winter Screencast Contest Now Open for Submissions

Understanding how to record, post, and share a screencast is a critical skill for working professionals. Both entrepreneurs and software developers use screencasts and videos as a way to virtually network and demonstrate their knowledge with others.

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“Why I Mentor”

Have you ever experienced an epiphany? They are unpredictable, intense, and can be life altering. I have experienced several in my life but only after I decided to pursue my personal passions professionally. I want to share 1 of them with you quickly…

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MobileMakersEdu Teachers Recognized for Leadership and Learning

Teaching and app development require leadership skills, so Uncharted Learning provides support, guidance, and opportunities for member school teachers to develop and iterate on their own skills. To encourage teachers to commit to constant growth and to recognize their efforts, we have designed the MobileMakersEdu Teacher Recognition Program.

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See How Uncharted Learning Reimagined Business Curriculum  Gain access to a printable sample version of our proprietary lesson plan  download. See a Sample Lesson Plan