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2018-07-18 INC Summit - National Pitch - Grow Greenly 01

INCubatoredu 2019 National Student Pitch Semi-Finalists Announced

Every year at the INCubatoredu National Summit, student teams from around the country submit to compete in the National Pitch for seed funding. We encourage all INC schools, from near and far to submit their top team for the 2019 National Pitch!

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Group of teachers

The Power of Instructional Leadership

Professional teacher development is just as important as student impact. The National Summit allows the professional educators/participants to form teams and personally engage in a condensed version of the program over the three-day period.

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Teachers meeting with papers, computers and books

Our Curriculum Roadmap at a Glance

Just like in business, best practices in education change quickly. Here’s how Uncharted Learning uses backward design to transform our own curriculum development cycles.

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Female student

Student Entrepreneurship Shines with Community Support at Wabash City Schools

Wabash City School leadership wanted to create relevant business career pathways for students- INCubatoredu curriculum was there to teach valuable entrepreneurship skills.

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Introducing Middle School Students to Career Paths

Entrepreneurship isn’t just about what students learn, it’s about how they learn.

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2018-10-17 Hononegah - Teamwork

CALLING ALL STUDENT APP BUILDERS: MobileMakersEdu Build Your Own App Contest 2019

The MobileMakersEdu Build Your Own App Contest encourages students to go outside of their comfort zone and learn something new in the iOS Swift coding language.

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Teaching How to Fail Leads to Success

Failure, as perceived by most, is a sign of weakness but, instead, consider how failure presents an opportunity to learn, pivot and build resilience.

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Three male students at Vista Ridge High School posing in weight room

My Journey as a High School Entrepreneur

High school students know that to be considered for admission into schools, one must balance many things. Read Daniel Gomez's story about INCubatoredu.

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This is a picture of students brainstorming around a laptop

Teaching Entrepreneurship in High School

High school business teachers engage students' creative thinking, collaboration, and confidence to prepare them for long-term success in the real world.

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Discover How Entrepreneurship Education Transforms Students’ Lives Download One District's Transformation eBook