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Entrepreneurship Education in Action


Introducing Entrepreneurship Curriculum & Career Paths to Middle School Students

Middle school entrepreneurship curriculum supports critical hard and soft skill-building, and provides an early CTE experience.

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Entrepreneurship Workshop for Educators  Integrate Entrepreneurship into Your Current Classes Learn More
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What is the Importance of Entrepreneurship for Kids?

The importance of entrepreneurship education - it's not only about business it's about life skills like problem-solving, critical thinking, and teamwork.

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Dominik Skorynko 'What Entrepreneurship Has Taught Me'

Dominik Skorynko's shares firsthand 'what entrepreneurship taught me'—skills he gained in INCubatoredu and from entrepreneurship ed—learn by doing.

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Financial Literacy in High School Through Entrepreneurship

Students gain critical financial literacy skills through cross-curricular connections between entrepreneurial and personal financial concepts.

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Entrepreneurship Education Transforms Lives—Hear from Students

Three Ways to Embrace Social Media in the Classroom

Three ideas for how students can build proficiency in social media in the classroom to develop a 'professional digital footprint' using LinkedIn.

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Six Lessons Learned From a High School Student Entrepreneur

Read about Dominik Skorynko's entrepreneurial journey, the skills he gained in INCubatoredu, and key lessons for high school student entrepreneurs.

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Student Agency + Student Access is a Winning Combination

Going beyond student agency in education to prepare students for a successful future by providing access to industry professionals, institutions and community.

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Entrepreneurship Workshop for Educators  Integrate Entrepreneurship into Your Current Classes Learn More

The Unexpected Learning Opportunities Through Coding

MobileMakersEdu Teacher, Mark Burpee, shares learning opportunities that coding offers, & how he kick-started his coding through teacher professional development

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Teaching Entrepreneurship in High School

Teaching entrepreneurship in high school supports student development in creative thinking, collaboration, and other critical real-world skills.

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